Website updated

Nov 17st, 2013

The Website has been extensively updated.

The manual (English) for Decibel Ultra Pro and Decibel Ultra

can be downloaded under APPS then choise the APP.

Das Handbuch (Deutsch) für Decibel Ultra pro und Decibel Ultra
kann unter dem Menüpunkt APPS, dann die APP wählen
herruntergeladen werden.

Decibel Ultra pro and Decibel Ultra is coming soon

Nov 16st, 2013

What's New in Version 2.1 (comming soon)
• Text Translations for (German/ France/ Italian) English default
• Better Performance
• Less energy consumptive
• dB offset the window function
• Reset zeroes now only the values
• The app runs smooth on the iphone 4
• Integrated help texts and instructions
• Many small improvements bugs- and logic fixes
• Now with L1.0, L10.0, L50.0, L90.0 and L95.0 statistic values
• The site location is now only in the email configuration in Setup
• Trigger dB value and trigger counter in the email configuration in Setup

Decibel Ultra pro 2.0 is ready to sale - Decibel Ultra 2.0 too

Oct 30st, 2012

+ iOS 7 Supports
+ Complete new CORE
+ Real frequency measurement
+ True dB- A, B, C, D measurement!
+ Fast, Slow, Impuls weighting
+ LCPeak, LAE, LAeqt, LAFTeq, L01 - L99 measurements
+ frequency spectrum measurement
+ MicW i436 support.
+ tap on equalizer once for color change
+ tap twice for next equalizer mode
+ tap three times for History mode